The gap is just the right size for the characters "it." and the start of a new sentence, or for a "----"} {16} {"tho cushion": "tho" should be "the"} {17} {"_outre_": the e has a forward accent (/) above it.} {18} {"canons": the first n has a tilde above it, as do all other occurrences of this word.} {19} {"shoving": later editions have "showing". The original is clearly superior.} {20} {"stared about...": illustration, with the caption: "One of them seized the little girl, and hoisted her upon his shoulder."} {21} {"upon the": illustration, with the caption: "As he watched it he saw it writhe along the ground."} {22} {"FORMERLY...": F,S,L,C in caps, other letters in this line in small caps.} {23} {"ancles": ankles.} {24} {"asked,": should be "asked."} {25} {"poisions": should be "poisons"} {26} {"...fancy": should be "I fancy". There is a gap in the text.} {27} {"snackled": "shackled" in later texts.} {28} {"_blase_": the e has a forward accent (/) above it.}

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